Archived News: 2004 /// Jan-May 2005 /// Jun-Dec 2005


Paul has been working with Antony Micallef to produce a book of
his work and sketches... Limited to only 500 to accompany his
current show 'Its a Beautiful World' at the Lazarides gallery in Soho.
Foil block to the front and hand bound in Italy... a very nice
edition and sure to sell out quick, so hurry and get yourself
a copy... for more info on the show visit... www.lazinc.com

Frieze Group Show at the Scream Gallery
34 Bruton Street, London, W1.

Below are the three pieces of work Paul had in the
Scream group show that opened last night in town.
The show runs for two weeks, so if your in the
West End shopping, then its well worth walking
down Bond Street, and popping into the gallery
to check out the work... If not just to see Pauls work,
then to catch some of David Montgomerys Photography
(David took the photo of all the naked ladies for
Jimmy Hedrix's, Electric Ladyland album).

Keep your eyes open for the second edition of
Grafuck 2... Paul has a naughty little spread in it... so to say!
More details visit http://grafuck.com



Paul Insect has work in a Group Show taking place
at Ronnie Woods new gallery in London.
The show will run for two weeks only.

'SCREAM' - Frieze Group Exhibiton
Opens Friday 13th October


Artists include :
Ronnie Wood, Paul Insect, Sebastian Kruger,
Ingrid Baar, David Montgomery, Damian Elwes,
Mark Evans, Hugo Wilson, John Gale, Tim Watkins,
John Kennedy, Dom Lawson, Alberto Reguera,
Rupert Shrive, Swifty

+44 (0) 20 7493 7388


Luke Insect's been busy on the music front recently, primarily setting
up brand new off-kilter 7" record label 'Battered Ornaments' with
Doug Shipton (Finder's Keepers/Delay 68). The aim is to release
highly collectable 7 inches, beautifully packaged and limited to a run
of 500, each hand-numbered. The first release is by Wolf People
and has had rave reviews in NME, DJ etc. Luke designed the sleeve
below which is printed in heavyweight recycled card... grab one while
they're still about....

)Luke is also now a resident at the monthly 'White Noise' night in
New Cross, which has produced some of the best music nights
around over the last 6 months....

Luke has also been working on the single and album campaign
for Nic Oliveri, ex-bass player for Queens Of The Stone Age.
Below is the gatefold 12" vinyl and Limited 7" single artwork...


The 'DJ Shadow Kid' for the release of the new
album 'The Outsider' Looms Large over Brick Lane.

Paul's tip for this years
Christmas toy every kid will want.
NOT!!!! This has been giving
him nightmares for weeks...
Were sure you have seen it...
But its always worth a second look...


Paul insect was in LA on Holiday for
a few weeks and managed to catch
the Banksy 'Barely Legal' Show...
See some images below.

Before Paul left to fly up to Seattle to work on a new project,
to be announced next year, he managed to find an evening
to get out and stick a few targets around town....
Many thanks to the people of LA.

Paul also managed to catch the Shepherd Fairy show
that also took place the same week...

aul Insects new prints for the launch of DJ Shadows
new album ' The Outsider ' are now available at
www.picturesonwalls.com in various colour ways.
Also, there are some very special Josh Shadow and
Paul Insect signed artist proof prints that are only
available by emailing steph@picturesonwalls.com
These are all very limited, so don't hang around...

A new project by Darren at wearitwithpride is in full swing.
He selected a group of designers and illustrators and
then paired them up with each other. Once the pairing was
decided, each person then went off and have produced a
portrait of each other. The project is called TWO FACED
and will be produced into a book later this year to be
published by IdNPRO. Paul Insect has done a portrait of
Adam Pointer, and Adam has done a portrait of Paul.
For more details visit www.wearitwithpride.com/twofaced


A couple of new books have landed on Pauls desk over
the past few weeks, please find details below...
Firstly... the guys out at Upperplayground.com have put a
book together of all the artists they have worked with since
there inception back in 1998... Artists include, Paul Insect,
Cody Hudson, Dalek, David Ellis, Daze, Faile, Jeremy Fish,
Kofie One, Logan Hicks, Mike Giant, Miss Van, Seen,
Shepard Fairey, Swoon and many many more...

Please see a few spreads from the book below entitled
'Upper Playground - Up to Now' and visit:
www.upperplayground.com for more info.

Secondly, A wonderfully packaged book from Katherine
at Victionary, out in Hong Kong entitled Victionary - 
Tattoo Icons. Various designers around the world created
there perfect tattoo and documented this by applying fake
versions of these tattoo to what ever they felt... The book
comes in a hard red embossed plastic case and is over
400 pages long. And you get a massive selection of rub
down tattoos from all the designers. The book has been
released in Asia, and will be available soon in Europe.
Designers include : 123 Klan, Beat 13, dopepope, Hort,
Ian Wright, Paul Insect, Jody Barton, Pee & Poo, Rinzen
and many many more... for more info visit

And finally, Juan in Costa Rica have sent us there latest
issue of the Revista Magazine, beautifully entitled 'Insectos'
and I must say it is a beautiful publication, for more details
visit www.revistacolectiva.com

Paul has now finished working on the new DJ Shadow
album which is released on the 18th of September... 
All the best to Josh Shadow, and look forward to checking
the gig at KoKo in London on the 29th of August.
Just a few of the various graphics produced for the project
below. There will be 3 new screen prints that Paul has
designed available through www.picturesonwalls.com and
www.djshadow.com from the 18th of Sept.

Paul Insect has been selected to  curate the Illustration
section of the Noise Festival. Noise showcases  creative
talent of young designers, photographers, online designers
etc. who  are aged under 25 from around the world.
Paul joins other curators such as Peter Saville, Eley Kishimoto,
Wayne Hamingway, Anthony Wilson, Daniel Brown,
Stella Vine, Penny Martin and Nick Luscombe - XFM DJ... 
Who will all be judging various sections of the Festival. For all
Noise information visit www.noisefestival.com

New work for Playstation 3 is in the pipeline.

New work for Nike USA is in the pipeline.

Further details of both these projects to come soon.
Alaric has been busy all year working with Renaissance
records...  Please see a few bits that he has produced over
the past couple of months below...

Alaric has also produced some wonderful graphics for the
Smirnoff Experience - Superclubbing tour in China presented
by Renaissance Records... Check that Dragon....

Paul wishes to extend his gratitude to all the Woods family for
a wonderful weekend... Paul was taken to see the Rolling Stones
at Twickenham on the weekend and also Parted on down at
Ronnie Woods house on Sunday night... If you caught the papers
on Tuesday, you would have seen it was the Rock n Roll party of
the year to have been at...  Cheers Ronnie


Ever thought of pressing your dearly departed
family member's ashes into a record. No..? we
had not thought to do that either, but some close friends
of ours up North have... For more grizzly details visit
Its time to live on beyond the groove....


Paul Insect has new work in the new Lazarides
group show that opened last night. Details below.
Lazarides presents STENCH
Seventeen artists kick up a stink.
A summer show featuring new work from Antony Micallef, Conor Harrington, Banksy,
Paul Insect, Polly Morgan, Faile, Invader and Jamie Hewlett, amongst others.

Lazarides Gallery, 8 Greek Street, Soho. London, W1D 4DG.
www.lazinc.comJuly 28th - September 30th Tues - Sat 11am - 7pm

Pill Head painted by Paul Insect Death To Modernism painted by Paul Insect x4 - DJ Shadow Artists proofs. Ltd edition DJ Shadow 'Outsider' screenprints prints soon to be released through djshadow.com and picturesonwalls.com (More details to follow very soon) printed by Paul Insect



'3 Freaks' The first track from DJ Shadows new album
'The Outsider' is now up on iTunes UK, along with
the '3 Freaks - Droop E remix' Check it out...

Matt and the guys over at SF25 Gallery have just sent us a monster pack of
insect vs SF45 Goddies... T's & Sneakers. Check below...


You blink, and two months fly by... but it has be a busy two months for us three at
insect. See, three people equals sixlegs, any more and we start venturing into the
realms of the Arachnids and we can't be going there.

Firstly, and most importantly, Paul has been working with D.J Shadow on the
artwork for his new album 'The Outsider'. Its a honor for me to be working on
this project, as all of us at insect have been massive fans of  Shadow for many
years... Paul is one of a few people who has been luckly enough to have listened
to the new album, which is out later this year. Paul & Luke were at the Wireless
festival in London on Friday to check out Shadow playing in the XFM tent, which
to be honest with you was not big enough for the amount of people who had come
to check him out. More details on this project to follow very soon.
Our design for the new 'Faithless' 3CD album on Renaissance Records is now
finished and is out very soon. Much fun was had on the shoot with Bliss and Maxi
down at John Ross's studio.

Alaric has finished working on the new Archive album 'Lights', which included a
shoot down at John Ross's	studio, with some very nice young naked girls. What
more could you ask for.

Insect has finished a new look book for Adidas sport tech range which you can
see a few spreads from below.

We have also been working with the Nike design team in Oregon USA, on a
new project... More details to be announced. 

Free Range 06 is now in full swing down at the Old Truman Brewery. 
Free Range is a platform show that runs over 8 weeks, featuring over 50
design, photography and art Colleges/Universities from all over England
and allows students to show there End of degree design work to a larger
audience. Insect has been involved again this year in many ways.
Firstly, Paul was selected to be on the design panel, with will give selected
students an added springboard into the next stage of there careers, and
secondly we have produced this years graphics and brochures that support 
the event... If you've not been yet... why not...!

Alaric and Paul have been involved in Newcastle's 'Design Event 06' a series
of shows that have been running up in Newcastle... Both Alaric and Paul
supplied a piece of artwork for a show called 'I Spy' where all the designers
involved submitted their visual response to the brief 'I spy with my little eye'. 
Images below.

Insect is in the process of producing a limited set of Art Snowboards for
Quiksilver Europe More details to follow.

We have just finished the design campaign for Renaissance Pacha out in
Ibiza... if your out there sunning yourselves, check some of the new work
outside the club and on billboards all over the island. And on the new Ibiza
Pacha albums to be release very soon.

Luke has started designing the graphics for one of the best new music
nights in London, White Noise, hosted by the sterling Doug Shipton
(Finders Keepers Records/Delay 68). The first 2 nights have showcased
some of the best new bands around from the Twisted Nerve camp, and
the psych/prog/weird music policy is second to none...

Paul has been working with a new band called 'Dead Kids' and there first
single is to be released on Fierce Panda records. These guys are creating a
bit of a buzz around the music industry at the moment and also played at
the Wireless festival at the weekend. New cover artwork below.

We have just finished the second in the serie of albums for Sony BMG,
Renaissance classics.

Insect is just starting work on the new style guide for the second series of
'Doctor Who'. Again, its a honor to be working on such a great project. This
follows on from the work we did last year in the re-design of the new Doctor
Who logo and series one Graphic style guide.

Luke was asked to be guest designer for another top music night this month, 
Soft Focus, hosted by Pete Fowler, Graham Erickson and Jeremy Brill... 
previous designers include Julian House, Andy Votel and Tim Zombie..

New album artwork for Hernan Cattaneo.Art direction by P.Insect, photography
by John Ross.

New album artwork for Renaissance 'The Masters series part 7' Dave Seaman,
which is out in the shops now. Art direction by Alaric Insect. also new album
artwork for Renaissance 'The Masters series part 8' Sandy Rivera.

Here's the final limited edition packaging by Luke Insect for Jeffery West's Spirit
Of The Sect footwear range... dubbed 'Victorian Psychedelic', the shoes and
boots also feature the design printed on the inside lining... strictly for
opium fiends!

Insect has produced some graphics for SF45 in the U.S which are now available
to buy on line... these include a range of T-shirts and some Limited van style
slip-on's... Check em out.

Luke Insect was chosen as one of the illustrators for the new range of 
Virgin Airways Upper Class Suite posters. Themed around the kind of 
surreal dreams you'd experience while movie-watching on one of their 
flights, the poster manages to incorporate Star Wars, Heidi Klum, and
waking up naked at work... just the average day in the Insect office then... 



It's been a busy few weeks hence not put anything up on the news for a
while. We will add some images later in the week, but for now this is a
small bit of what we've been up to...

Luke Insect has been working with Adidas on the new Sport Performance
range and has produced a new look book, and also the full graphic interior
design for the press launch today at a secret Mayfair location.

Paul Insect art directed a shoot with Maxi Jazz and Sister Bliss from
Faithless last week at photographer John Ross' studio. This is for a new
mix album to come out later in the year on Renaissance Records.

Alaric Insect was also down at John's studio a few weeks ago art directing
a shoot for Archive's new album graphics that will also be out later this
year. Images to follow...

Paul has also had some imput on the re-design of the picturesonwalls.com
new website, which is having a few testing problems, but should be on-line
pretty soon.


Below are a few sneak pix of Luke's limited-edition shoe box for
shoe designer Jeffery West vs Insect's 'Spirit Of The Sect' collaborative
range.  Themed on the secret societies of the Victorian Age, each pair of
shoes feature Insect-designed lining, sole-stamps, embossing and
packaging and will be available this September - more to follow...


Luke and Paul are heading out to Geneva once more as The House Of Fix,
playing a one-off all night gig at the Bikini Test on Saturday 6th May. The
stage set is again being designed by H R Heiger affiliate Jean-Pierre
Vaufrey. They're hoping to spend another dark night at the Wormwood 
Absinthe Farm! Don't expect any news for a few recovery-filled days
after that!

We have also produced some more graphics for Quiksilver Europe's
flagship stores in London, Paris and Barcelona, more info to follow on this
and the Quiksilver vs Insect Summer '07 range.

Freerange 06 takes place at the Old Truman Brewery again this year,
starting on 1st June and running for 8 weeks. This year's show looks like
its going to be a great one and we will be producing all supporting graphics
again for the show. Paul is also on the design panel for this year's Freerange
show which is co-promoted with Dazed, Creative Review, Design Week and
Channel 4.

A piece of work created for the Outside institute last year has now taken
pride of place at Lazinc. If your in town, pop your head in and see what's
happening at London's newest gallery space.


Paul & Eine produced some graphics for the launch of a new bespoke football
boot company prior2lever. We've know Greg from P2L for a few years now and
have followed his development stages closely, and they have launched the
product... They had a show at the London College of fashion last week... Paul
and Eine's graphics were printed onto the soles of the boots which are built
by a laser nylon process, only used in F1 car manufacturing at the moment!
Bet you've not seen anything like this before.


Insect's illustration work for German charity 'Hansel + Gretel' features in
this month's Creative Review Magazine, created in conjunction with Scholz &
Friends, Hamburg. 


Don't Panic Media are holding an exhibition of 100 of their favourite
poster/flyers. Dating back to 1999, every month they have asked a different
designer or artist to produce an A2 piece that was inserted into their flyer
packs. We designed one back in 2003 which has now sold out which is nice!
Other artists whose posters are on show include Banksy, Michael Gillette,
Rinzen and Pete Fowler to name a few. Cheers for the booze and Pretzels at
the openinglast night!

The Aram Gallery, March 30th - April 28th, Drury Lane, London WC1
Mon - Sat, 10 - 7pm.


Mish Mash's debut single, and Ministry Of Sound's 100th release,
'SPEECHLESS' is getting some serious airplay everywhere - and is looking set
to storm the charts. You can watch the day-glo disco-glam video at

Ecler the Spanish designer and manufacturer of DJ mixers has a new and
exciting design competition to create the brand identity for itÕs new
HAK380 DJ mixer.

All you have to do is come up with a new logo for the mixer, design the
mixer plate and also the packaging. Judging the competition are award
winning Clusta Design and the current UK ITF Champion - DJ Silk Cuts.

Prizes include a weekend for 2 toBarcelona and a HAK380 DJ mixer
with your design on it!

The deadline for submitted work is 14th May 2006.

For more information: http://www.eclerdjdivision.co.uk
or  design@ecler.co.uk 

After a long wait... Paul Insect prints produced for Santas Ghetto 05 are
now available to buy from www.picturesonwalls.com, each print is limited
to a run of only 60, and they are full 5 colour hand pulled screen prints.

There are also a selection of artists proofs that have been printed on
holographic paper. You will need to speak with POW regarding the
artist proofs.

Lazarides Gallery at No.8 Greek Street Soho,  had its opening
party called 'Swish', the name is taken from the old sex shop that
use to be there back in the 60's. It swung open its doors to a invited
guests only on Thursday night. There is loads of new work by artists
Banksy, Jamie Hewlett,  Faile, Mode 2,  Paul Insect, Stanley Donwood
and many more.

To view the work, you can visit the gallery from
Tuesday 28th of March (Tues-Sat) 11am - 7pm or
check the new site at www.lazinc.com for further details.

Insect has worked on the branding, stationary, shop and web graphics..



Shouts go out to Fleur and the gang at Hellomoose in Rotterdam.
There new shop opens on the 3rd of March at Haringvliet 619, 3011 ZP,
Rotterdam... All the best for that... check www.hellomoose.nl for
further info.


We have just produced these three ads for the German charity Haensel &
Gretel - which aims to help and support victims of child abuse. We worked
closely with Marcus at the Scholz and Friends, Hamburg on the job-  good
luck with the campaign, hopefully  it will help bring attention to the
charity's work... 

Shouts go out to Fleur and the gang at Hellomoose in Rotterdam.
There new shop opens on the 3rd of March at Haringvliet 619, 3011 ZP,
Rotterdam... All the best for that... check www.hellomoose.nl for
further info.

We can't believe its the middle of February already... that
New Year hangover took ages to shake! It's been a busy start
to the year, so here is some of what we have been up to...

Paul Insect was invited out to France for meetings with
Quiksilver and a few days Snowboarding with the guys from
the design department up at a beautiful resort in the Pyrenees.
We are working on a Summer range of products for 2007.
Special thanks to Spurter, Simon, Martia, Nigel from Nixon,
Fred in the design team and all who we have forgotten at Quiksilver.
More details to follow.


We have been working on the new Lazinc.com website to
coincide with the opening of the Lazarides gallery in Soho
early in March. More details to follow...


Luke Insect's music project WOLVES are featured on XFM's unsigned
slot with Claire Sturgess this Wednesday 22nd February. She'll be
playing 'Red Tape' about 10pm. Vote for our track if you can at


Next gig: Friday 17th March 2006, Club Whatever @ The Old Blue Last
38 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, EC2.


Below is the work produced at the end of last year for
Publicis Conseil Paris for Hewlett Packard. The artwork
was produced for billboards and all other publicity in
French territories only.



Below is an ad campaign for Russian vodka brand STOLICHNAYA
that we also completed in December for Publicis Conseil London.
The ads should be hitting all the big magazines this month.



We have just re-branded London-based photographic agency Red Represents.
The new website will be live next month at www.redrepresents.com


Insect has been invited to supply graphic elements for
the Noise Festival that is happening this year in England.
Other artists involved are Peter Saville, Mark Eley of
Eley Kishimoto, Danny Brown, Wayne Hemingway and Stella Vine.

For more details visit.


Paul has been working with Banksy on a remix of the POW skullz
logo Paul designed last year, which was made into a ltd edition print...
it can now be downloaded at the POW site as a screensaver,
and to coincide with the show in Collette Paris this weekend,
there will be ltd. edition show posters and T-shirts only available at
Collette. The first logo Skullz logo designed by Paul is now available
as a T-Shirt through the POW site now.


Luke Insect has just designed 3 graphic textile prints for
Michiko Koshino. They feature as fabrics for the Autumn/Winter
2006/7 collection. Luke and Paul headed down to see their work on
the catwalk for London Fashion Week last week, alongside such
luminaries as Ronnie Corbett!!! 


We've been working with NOKIA UK on a number of new mobile phone
projects - everything's very hush-hush at the moment, but needless
to say the project involves graphics and illustrations for packaging
and the actual handsets themselves.


3 new screen prints 'Sex Toys' can be viewed in the news archive 2005,
available at the end of last year at Santas Ghetto, they will soon
be available on picturesonwalls.com. They have been printed and signed,
but we are waiting for them to go live on the site. All three prints are
5 colour screen prints on hi-gloss art paper. More details to follow...


New work for Renaissance records and their Masters Series.


We have been working with the photographer John Ross on new cover
work for Renaissance. Further details on John's work such as the
recent Manic Street Preachers and Spiritualised covers visit


We've been working with Marcus Korrell at Scholz & Friends Hamburg GmbH
on an illustrated ad campaign for children's charity 'Hansel & Gretel'.
We wish them all the luck with the 3 ads which help support and prevent
victims of child abuse.


We have been working with Ministry of Sound on their 100th release -
Mish Mash's surefire hit single 'Speechless'. The 3 promo 12's have
just been printed in lovely metallic inks and gloss varnishes Below).
To see the video visit www.ministryofsound.com


SLAB. Remember the name. Luke and Paul's big personal INSECT project
of the year. SIXLEGSAREBETTER...


After the closure of The Outside Institute comes a new project from
Stolenspace. Their first exhibition is this Thursday at The Truman Brewery
featuring street artist Conor Harrington  - 'A Quiet Riot' 7-9pm, Thursday
23rd February.

Stolenspace, The Dray Walk Gallery, Dray Walk
The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL
Public exhibition: for two weeks only 24 February - 7 March


We have been working with a new company who has been developing
bespoke hi-spec football boots for Premiership players. The company
will be launching early in April with boot designs by Insect and Eine.
Further details to follow...